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12 Creative Toilet Paper Designs

Glasses sitting on a newspaper

Toilet paper stackHere’s a collection of unusual toilet paper designs that will spice up your bathroom and surprise your guests.

Sudoku Toilet Paper

This creative roll of toilet paper is imprinted with Sudoku puzzles. [link]

Black Toilet Paper

Renova black toilet paper will definitely stand out in any bathroom. [link]

Origami Toilet Paper

While you sit and ponder keep yourself busy with this silly roll of toilet paper with complete instructions on folding your own toilet paper crane. [link]

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Now you’ll always be able to find the toilet paper, even in the dark. [link]

Crime Scene Toilet Paper

Bring some life back to your bathroom with this unique toilet paper. [link]

Horror Story Toilet Paper

Japan’s creepiest toilet paper comes with imprinted horror story by Koji Suzuki. [link]

Greenpeace Toilet Paper

Greenpeace has used this toilet paper to remind people not to waste paper in Beijing, China. [link]

Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper

Stock the bathroom with a roll of valentine toilet paper that has hearts printed with safe, water-based inks. [link]

Cactus Toilet Paper


Notepad Toilet Paper

Cool advertising for the School of Visual Arts encouraged people to “think” by giving them a place to write down their ideas. [link]

Money Toilet Paper

You can always use dollar bills when you run out of regular toilet paper…

Have you seen other types of creative toilet paper or what type of creative toilet paper would you like to see? Leave your comments below.

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