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Backflow occurs when contaminated water reverses direction and flows back toward the source. This problem can be caused by backpressure or when the pressure in the pipes is greater than the pressure coming into the pipes. Backflow can cause water contamination from waste or harmful bacteria. Before this happens, enlist the help of Neptune Plumbing. We offer backflow services for commercial, industrial, and institutional properties in Cleveland and the entire Northeast Ohio area.

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Backflow Prevention Requirements

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was created to protect Americans from contaminated drinking water and prevent groundwater contamination. Amendments to the act require the installation of backflow prevention assemblies at a water service connection when a potential cross-connection hazard presents a threat to the customer’s plumbing system.

The backflow prevention requirements for businesses include:

  • External backflow prevention assemblies to protect city water from cross-connection
  • Internal backflow prevention assemblies to protect the customer from cross-connection
  • Annual testing for each backflow assembly

At Neptune Plumbing, we offer backflow services to help protect public health. Our professionally trained and certified plumbers can make a detailed assessment of your commercial or industrial property to determine if it is susceptible to backflow and recommend the proper backflow assemblies and devices to protect your water supply. We also offer installation and testing services to ensure your business is in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.

Annual Backflow Testing in Cleveland & Northeast Ohio

Annual backflow testing can help to make sure all of your backflow prevention devices are operating efficiently. We perform annual backflow testing for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients throughout the Northeast Ohio area. We contact our customers to remind them of upcoming recertification dates, so every property remains in compliance with local codes and regulations.

If you need a backflow prevention assembly installed or backflow testing performed, please call (216) 600-0415 to schedule an appointment.

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