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Earth Day Plumbing Tips


Earth Day April 22Earth Day began in 1970, with an aim to raise awareness about the environmental health of the planet. On this 45th Earth Day, people all across the globe will be engaging in eco-friendly activities to help the environment.  We have a few plumbing-related home improvement ideas you can institute today to help you become more energy-efficient year-round. The focus for Earth Day in our industry is all about improving energy efficiency, saving water, and reducing waste and pollution. Not a small task, but one that is immensely important for the future of our planet.

Here’s a short, but effective list to get started with:

1. Find And Repair Leaks

Having your pipes inspected for leaks by a local plumber should be first and foremost. If there are any, they will increase your water bills. Though small drips may not look serious, they will add to your water bill and if neglected for a longer period of time, the may grow and cause even greater problems. Then you will have to spend money on water damage and serious plumbing repairs.

Don’t neglect your toilets when inspecting for leaks. A simple way to do this is to carefully remove the tank lid and lay it flat on the floor to prevent it from falling over and breaking. Drop a dye tablet (available from Neptune) or several drops of food dye into the upper tank. Wait for approximately 15 minutes. Check the water in the bowl for color. If you see color in the toilet bowl, then you know you have a leak in your toilet that could be wasting water and costing you money.

2. Upgrade Your Water Heater

The majority of the water used in your home first passes through your water heater. Installing a top-of-the-line, energy-efficient water heater will help you save overall when you think about how old your current water heater is and how much water your family uses in a day.

If you’re not ready to spring for a new water heater, simply adjust its temperature. This is quick and easy to do and will help you save money. You can also turn off your water heater all together if you are away on an extended vacation to conserve energy.

3. Install Low-Flow Fixtures

Installing low-flow faucets in your bathroom and kitchen will help you consume less water during your daily routines. These fixtures aerate or vibrate the water to make less water seem like more. With the help of pressure or gravity-assisted mechanism, low-flow toilets work just as well as older models but reduce your water consumption by hundreds or even thousands of gallons every year.

These three tasks are relatively simple, yet effective ways to reduce your environmental impact and utility bills. The more you do now, the more Earth-friendly we’ll all be in the long run. Happy Earth Day!

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