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National Water Quality Month


Fresh water being poured into a glassIf you are a fan of high-quality water, you’re going to appreciate the importance of National Water Quality Month celebrated in August. It is a month to remember the importance of good, clean water for all living things. National Water Quality Month is an ideal time to learn important ways you can help do your part in keeping the water clean.

  • Lawn chemicals – Do not use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides as they are not good for the environment. They absorb into the ground and can quickly diminish the quality of water. If you must use something try an eco-friendly option.
  • Lawn clippings – Do not blow your lawn clippings into the street as they eventually end up flowing into storms drains. Either compost your lawn clippings or simply keep them in your yard.
  • Save water – Everyone has heard the typical recommendations of turning the water off when you brush your teeth or take a shorter shower to conserve water, but you can also try running your washing machine or dishwasher when it is full or install low flow toilets. Do not forget to also collect rainwater to water your garden and grass.
  • Washing your car – If you feel the need to wash your car wash it at a car wash, the water is captured and recycled. Or wash your car, with eco-friendly cleaner, on your lawn to water it at the same time.
  • Conscientious about drain dump – Be mindful of what you are dumping down the drain or flushing down your toilet. Gas, pool chemicals, glue, pesticides, cleaners, paints, and medications are all potentially hazardous.
  • Disposing of your oil – According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), used oil from a single oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water – the equivalent of a years supply of fresh water for 50 people. The EPA recommends taking used oil to a recycling center where it can be re-refined.
  • Clean up after your pets – You and your pets' waste can get into the water and reduce the water quality. Do your part and dispose of waste properly.

Remember whether on a boat, drinking bottled water, taking a shower or watering your garden; water plays a vital part in our lives and it is important to protect it. Almost anything can affect water quality, do your part in protecting our water and encourage others around you to do the same.

If you are concerned about the quality of water coming into your home, you may want to consider water filtration or bottled water delivery service. Contact us to discuss what type of water filtration unit might be best for you.

*Source: The Water Guy

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