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The Horizontal Shower


Horizontal ShowerThe newest concept out of the German design firm Dornbracht has taken showering to a horizontal level. They're innovative, and arguably much sought after, Horizontal ShowerATT design, seamlessly combines two of the most relaxing combinations ever: hot showers and lying down.

The Horizontal ShowerATTprovides, for the first time, a reclining shower experience. The application includes six WaterBars that are recessed in a wide-area shower field located above a reclining space. The shower uses a central eTool control, built into the head area of the recliner, to act as a main control element; making it convenient to operate while lying down. Three pre-programmed choreographies offer Balancing, Energizing or De-Stressing effects by controlling the water’s temperature, intensity and quantity. Occupants can recline on their back, side or front to enjoy the flows.

“With Horizontal Shower, we are transporting the showering experience into a new dimension,” CEO Andreas Dornbracht said in a release. “The result is total relaxation, the kind only experienced by someone reclining. Tension in the head and muscles melts away, everyday stress is washed away with the water; body and mind are revitalized.”

The cost? Only $35,000 to build, but when considering that you shower on an almost daily basis, some may consider it well worth it.

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