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Outdoor Showers Offer Summer Convenience


Outdoor showerIt’s summer, and there’s nothing more satisfying for a parent (and fun for a kid) than watching your child play outside for hours on end. However, the thought of letting them come in and track their well-earned dirt everywhere is enough to send some parents into a small panic. Whether you’ve got a lake house, a pool, or just kids who love to get messy, an outdoor shower might be the perfect solution, allowing the best of both worlds. Outdoor play with no indoor mess.

Outdoor showerCreating an outdoor shower really just depends on the ease of connecting to an existing water source. The design aspect can be as minimal or extensive as you prefer – some become quite the outdoor oasis. If you want to go all out, add a hot water hookup to the mix. While doing so would remove the nostalgia of the “I’m cold, I’m cold” screams you used to yell at your mom as she hosed you off, it would make for a truly enjoyable experience for kids and adults alike.

Outdoor showerDesign ideas can range from incredibly simple, to high-end extravagant. There are also many different levels of privacy, from just hosing off, to being able to shower as if you were in your own bathroom. It is all up to you. Take a look at the inspirations below and don’t wait for muddy footprints on your floors before calling us for an estimate on this low-budget, luxury item.

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